Yacine Sebti

The work and practice of Yacine Sebti (BE) explores the possible interactions between a body in space and computer generated images or sounds. This body can be the one of the spectator or the one of the performer.

Yacine produces his own installations but collaborates on a regular basis with different artists, e.g. experimental filmmaker Pascal Baes, musician-sculptor Frédéric Marbaix, or videomaker Tom Heene.

Both his personal and collaborative works have been shown widely: Viper (Basel), eArts (Shanghai), File (Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro), Seoul Media Arts Biennale, Vooruit (Ghent), Temps d’Images (Montréal).


Agency projects


A playful interpretation of the traditional zoetrope using today’s technology.
Interactive participatory and cinematic installation


A reflection upon perception through the symbol of the mirror.
Electronic art appliance


An explosive mix of classic animation with new technologies.
Interactive video installation


2008 - 2010

The research project VIRAGE is a platform which studies and develops software prototypes to help artistic creation and cultural industries to control and write their projects.


immersive environment by Tom Heene and Yacine Sebti


Interactive installation by Yacine Sebti.


Interactive installation by Yacine Sebti


Interactive installation by Yacine Sebti.



From March 6 until March 24 2017 Marcio Ambrisio is in residency at iMAL, where he will work together with Yacine Sebti on his interactive installation 'MOVIOLA'.


Eveline Van Bauwel, in collaboration with Yacine Sebti, experimented a scenography on a moving color landscape that is activated and transformed by the movement of the dancers for the dance performance "Infinite Journey/ In This Together...". 


Mirror Match is both an installation and a closed performance space for a visitor and an actor, inviting the visitor to explore his/her relation with his/her reflection. It combines sophisticated techniques with an actor/performer who interacts with the visitor, driving him through a complex multi-level script.


a project by Lola Maury, Nada Sabet & Iris Musel in collaboration with o.a. Yacine Sebti and Eric Samothrakis.


After Nintendo’s Wiimote, the geek/open source community hacks a new gaming device: the Kinect, Microsoft’s 3D camera for the Xbox.

iMAL invites you to discover the creative potential of this new tool, during an afternoon of presentation and a day of experimentation.


After the success of Oups (Grand Prize Art, Japan Media Arts Festival 2008), co-produced by iMAL in 2007, Marcio Ambrosio (BR) returns to Brussels to develop 12i, an interactive installation that revisits the zoetrope with humour.


"European Window" presents art projects that support intercultural exchange and connect the local scenes through the media facades of the participating cities. In Brussels, we will show "Get Your Back Up Off the Wall", an interactive vidéo by Nika Radic and "Tales that are never told", a vidéo by the net activists Toxic Lesbian. These custom-made projects will be shown on the Flagey Screen.


Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 (MFF 2010) is an urban media art project that interconnects seven European cities through urban screens and media facades located in public spaces. Artists and media designers will show throughout Europe specially developed art projects, during screenings and Joint Broadcasting Events, opening a global window to create dialogue, share dreams and exchange ideas.


The research project VIRAGE develops methods and sofware prototypes for cultural industries and for the arts, whether they are performing arts, visual arts or installations. The consortium is composed of art centers, universities and innovative companies from France and Belgium. These 3 days of lectures, workshops, performances and exhibitions will present the end results of the project.


Yacine Sebti will show Move in a Frame during the conference: Culture & Economy organized by Kurt Salmon at The Egg in Brussels on Tuesday 24 January. Register...

The installation by Tom Heene and Yacine Sebti is part of the 43 nominees in the interactive art section of the famous brazilian festival FILE (São Paulo). You can support Salt Lake by voting directly on the website of the FILE PRIX LUX.