Little Pascal

18 July - 28 July 2011
 Little Pascal

Production residency

The experience

Set up for a mature audience, Little Pascal is based on the different emotions adults associate with their childhood memories.

The further the association to these emotions go into the past, the more they relate to a memory that cannot be recounted clearly but is often connected to our senses, like a certain smell, melody or even more general perception of what the memory might have been.

In order to evoke these different emotions in our audience, we let them enter a space, where we stimulate their senses, allowing them to be immersed into an environment where they become the character, i.e. the little child Pascal. 

The creation - through fusion

As cartoons on a TV screen lead the audience into a space that reminds us of a living room, the warm atmosphere of a familiar family environment slowly turns into tension, subsequently transforming objects and imagery into a fantasy world that invites curiosity, play, excitement and the anticipation of uninvited emotions, before leading us back to the safe surroundings of the home.

In coordinating an international team of artists to create different sections of the piece specialising in film, photography, animation, multimedia, sound composition and set design, strong visual illustrations projected around the room, an ever changing soundscape, moving set and prop pieces, an interactive game as well as smell take control of how the story is told.

iMAL Residency

Following the first residency in the UK, Little Pascal sees its second main development in Brussels at iMAL.

The 10 days residency will concentrate on the technological set-up for the individual pieces that have been created in the last months and how they are to integrate with the space and the progression of the piece as a whole. This will include further exploring the relationship between the digital set-up and the physical items in the space and how these relate to the audience in narrating the story.

The team will also concentrate on finalising the interactive game inspired by the rules of a treasure hunt comprising of riddles, toys and interactive sound and visual interface games.

The Team

Co-Directors: Lola Maury, Nada Sabet & Iris Musel
Installation Artist: Yacine Sebti
Sound Artist: Eric Samothrakis, Ashley Charles
Film & Animation: Jacob Hobbs, Ben Wright
Photographer: Shad Ohyon, Jovita Valaityte
Set designer: Sam Agnew, Ben Austin 

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