MFF 2010: European Window

Saturday, 28 August 2010 | 14:00 - 20:00
MFF 2010: European Window

Video installations at Flagey

"European Window" presents art projects that support intercultural exchange and connect the local scenes through the media facades of the participating cities. In Brussels, we will show "Get Your Back Up Off the Wall", an interactive video by Nika Radic and "Tales that are never told", a vidéo by the net activists Toxic Lesbian. These custom-made projects will be shown on the Flagey Screen.

"Get Your Back Up Off the Wall" by Nika Radic (HR/DE)
Interactive video, 16:00-20:00, 21:00-22:00

This European party created by Nika Radic will be only celebrated on screens. The party guests representing each city of the festival are first standing or sitting, but once the public engage the screen site, they will get ‘off the wall’ and start moving, talking, and dancing. Through its interactive process, this video transfer the virtual party into the public space where the colours of Europe are reflected.

Interactive development: Yacine Sebti (BE)
About Nika Radic...

"Tales that are never told : ZeroEstigma" by Toxic Lesbian (SP)
Sub-titled video (FR/NL), 20:00-21:00

"Tales that are never told: ZeroEstigma" aims to contribute to visualise part of the history of women and lesbians in Spain, regarding the role of mental control in society. Collaboratively, people of all genres will build the final image of the project, the meaning of stigma in mental health. The artistic model of Toxic Lesbian goes from pure artistic language to virtual and live action, creation and investigation processes, including all kind of collaborations.

Collaborators: Paolo Portaluri, Cinthia Mendonça, Raül Leiva and Dagan Wald.
With the support of the Fund for International Mobility Matadero Madrid 2010 of the Madrid City Council.
About Toxic Lesbian...

Practical Info

Screening from 16:00 till 22:00.

Free event!

Location: Flagey Screen

Media Gallery


Curators and coordinators: Marie-Laure Delaby and Yves Bernard

Technical support: Yannick Antoine, Vincent Evrard

Funding Partner: European Commission Culture Programme, French Speaking Community of Belgium (digital art commission).

Media Facades Partners: Belgian Posters and City of Ixelles-Elsene.

IT & Media Partners: Streampark, Nacamar

Special thanks to Cimatics!