Toxic Lesbian (SP)

(EN) Toxic Lesbian (SP) emerges in 2005 as an artistic and lesbian activist. The artistic model of Toxic Lesbian goes from pure artistic language to virtual and live action, creation and investigation processes. An essential concept of their proposals is to generate works that do not have a commercial format but ephemerals and easy to disseminate ones. Performances and video art productions are the link with the visual language that will generate documentaries about collective social interaction and other testimonies related to the project.

(FR) Toxic Lesbian est un collectif artistique et activiste espagnol de femmes lesbiennes (et autres) qui débattent autour de problèmes de société, et particulièrement liés à l’orientation sexuelle, au travers de documentaires, performances ou tout autre moyen d’expression artistique. Leurs projets sont diffusés au travers de leur chaîne youtube.

Toxic Lesbian youtube channel

Project: Tales that are never told: ZeroEstigma






After the screening of their video on the Flagey Screen, Toxic Lesbian presents an open debate between iMAL (Brussels) and Medialab-Prado (Madrid), as part of the activities of the Media Facades Festival Europe 2010.


"European Window" presents art projects that support intercultural exchange and connect the local scenes through the media facades of the participating cities. In Brussels, we will show "Get Your Back Up Off the Wall", an interactive vidéo by Nika Radic and "Tales that are never told", a vidéo by the net activists Toxic Lesbian. These custom-made projects will be shown on the Flagey Screen.


Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 (MFF 2010) is an urban media art project that interconnects seven European cities through urban screens and media facades located in public spaces. Artists and media designers will show throughout Europe specially developed art projects, during screenings and Joint Broadcasting Events, opening a global window to create dialogue, share dreams and exchange ideas.


The final project of the Toxic Lesbian collective, produced in collaboration with Medialab-Prado, iMAL and Public Art Lab during MFF 2010, will be presented at the...