Move in a frame - Yacine Sebti

March, 2008
Move in a frame - Yacine Sebti

Electronic art appliance

Software, camera, LCD screen
Created in 2008 

Move in a frame questions the mirror, but through space and time.

A camera is connected to a computer and the screen is divided in a grid of 4×4 cells. Each of them captures its own movement with his own temporality and memory, producing an asynchronous rendering of the space and the visitors in front of it.

Move in a frame could be seen as a game or as a generative painting where moving intentionally or walking by without paying attention produces the same reaction of the system, being recorded and added to endless loops.

Move in a frame is also a contemporary reference to David Hockney’s composite polaroids considered as time-space captures of a subject.


Past exhibitions

Conference: Culture & Economy - The Egg (Brussels, BE)

STRP Festival - Kiosk, artifacts of a post-digital age (Eindhoven, NL)
Bruxelles numérique
 - parcours in the city - Salle des pas perdus , Maison communale de Molenbeek (Brussels, BE) 

Holy Fire, art of the digital age
 - iMAL (Brussels, BE)

Production credits

Concept and development by Yacine Sebti


Move in a Frame has been produced with the support of iMAL

Media Gallery