Alexandra Dementieva

Here is a list of contents in which Alexandra Dementieva appear.



iMAL en BNA-BBOT stellen voor, in het kader van de heropening van het Theatre de la Balsamine : de installatie 'The ROOM : Bruxelles nous appartient - Brussel behoort ons toe' van Alexandra Dementieva.



An exhibition where different immersive strategies are gathered: from deceptive promises and impossible longings, to the suggestion to plunge mentally and physically into the presented scenery. Theses installations seeks to put the attention of the viewer into a borderline situation where he/she has an occasion to reflect the ambiguity of the immersivity of those images.


This project of installation explores short episodes of a fiction movie projected on a 360° cyclorama screen. Alexandra Dementieva has shot the videoclips at iMAL during her residency.


A traveling group exhibition examining the presence of past, present and future… between St Petersburg, Brussels, Istanbul, Berlin and Brooklyn. With Alexandra Dementieva, Anna Frants and Aernoudt Jacobs.


CONTinENT exhibitions in Brussels and Helsinki present new interactive media art works from Belgium, Finland and France.