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Alexandra Dementieva: Cycloramadrome

20 July - 1 August 2013
Alexandra Dementieva: Cycloramadrome

Alexandra Dementieva’s installation is a type of 360° cyclorama encircling its audience, which enters into it to watch a video that is presented like an extended film episode. The audience is literally and physically in the middle of a movie scene.

Alexandra Dementieva shot the videoclips during her residency at iMAL. She has worked with 3 actors: Heike Langsdorf, Alexander Baervoets en Maria Decorte.

Heike Langsdorf plays the leading part: a pretty blond young woman, walking around circle, dressed in a sexy, white, loosely tied bathrobe. She looks preoccupied and insecure. It seems that she is deeply immersed in her thoughts. From time to time she says something unintelligible, murmurs.  Suddenly she stares at a viewer, while continuing to move. Her character seems to have walked out of a Hitchcock movie. However the woman is not alone. Behind her back we see figures appearing briefly. These figures are interpreted by the two other actors: we notice them and then suddenly they disappear. This leaves an unpleasant feeling of anxiety.

Cycloramadrome is an installation project in which the audience can interact with the work, immersed in the surrounding area. The surrounding area is used as a means to work on the public both mentally and physically: the movements of the characters are designed to provoke the movement of the audience.

Cycloramadrome will be exhibited in November 2013 at iMAL.

Media Gallery


Acting: Heike Langsdorf, Alexander Baervoets en Maria Decorte

Design construction: Peter Maschke

Soundtrack composer: Guy de Bievre

Co-production: with the support of the Vlaamse Overheid, Nadine vzw, Adem vzw, Cyland MediaLab (RU), Netwerk and iMAL.