Here is a list of contents in which JODI appear.



This 32 pages color booklet designed by JODI is the continuation on printed media of their exhibition GEO GOO (info park) at iMAL.



Matthew Plummer-Fernandez & JODI create 3D-printed sculptured objects, that explore incongruous hybridisations and errors created by the Internet found objects, algorithms and digital fabrication machines.


Welcome to the Future! proposes a historical selection of art & culture cd-roms and electronic artworks published on floppies, mostly produced in the 90s highlighting the short life of born-digital art. It presents early pioneering works in new media and digital arts, conveying many visions and utopias around the upcoming digital world as well as remarkable explorations of interactive digital media.


Log out, Turn Off, Join the fun :) 40+ artists from JP, US & EU! The mysterious collective invites us to perpetuate "in real life" the freedom and joyful anarchy of the early web with the Internet Yami-Ichi. The second edition outside of Japan of this post-digital flea market will take place in Brussels' Art Nouveau landmark Les Ateliers des Tanneurs!


With : Raphaël Bastide & Yannick Antoine, Michel Bauwens, Josephine Bosma, Heath Bunting, Paolo Cirio, Florian Cramer, Régine Debatty, Constant Dullaart, Jodi, Olia Lialina, Alessandro Ludovico, Nicolas Malevé, Miltos Manetas, Julian Oliver, Domenico Quaranta, Rafael Rozendaal, Sakrowski, Gordan Savičić 


The closing event of the moddr_* exhibition will feature some projects invited by the moddr_ collective: a new live performance by JODI, a lecture by Florian Cramer and the presentation of "Hotglue", a new "content manipulation system". Don't miss the Hotglue workshop in the afternoon!


PLAYLIST explores the relationship between video games, music and visual art. The exhibition, imported from LABoral (ES) and now presented at iMAL, shows artworks by artists coming from the "chiptune" and media arts scenes who reused old PC's and games consoles to create new sound and visual contents. Reinventing and hacking vinyl’s, vintage computers, game platforms, they turned “dead media” into powerful tools of artistic creation.


JODI, the BE/NL duo pioneers of Net Art, explores the relations between the world as we build it through Internet and the one based on our past mental and physical maps. Services such as GoogleMaps have changed our worldview radically by making the Globe accessible as a commercial multi-user surface...


Art of the Digital Age a collective exhibition featuring a unique panel of digital artworks created in the last years by internationally known new media artists, and coming from galleries and collections from around the world (USA, Europe, Russia)


iMAL propose ART+GAME, une exploration des relations entre Art et Jeux Vidéos avec une exposition d’artistes de renommée internationale, des projections de films documentaires et Machinima, des performances et concerts, des conférences et débats.