Internet Yami-Ichi 5 Brussels

Sunday, 28 September 2014 | 09:00 - 20:00
Internet Yami-Ichi 5 Brussels

Internet-ish artworks market + Performances by Exonemo & JODI

Internet Yami-Ichi (インターネットヤミ市)
literally "Internet Black Market". By mixing different Japanese writing systems the word "yami" takes on the double meaning of "sick for / addicted to". Therefore, a more accurate translation might be "Internet Obsessives Market".

"S*%t happens. Didn't used to. Like when some small off-handed private comment turns into a flamewar. Or worrying about not getting enough . The Youtube videos you can't watch anymore because somebody complained. Or the apps you can't play because they were rejected by Apple. Once upon a time, the Internet was supposed to be a place for "liberty". Nowadays it's so uptight". –

The Japanese collective invites us to perpetuate "in real life" the freedom and joyful anarchy of the early web. The Internet Yami-Ichi draws its inspiration from flea markets, these chaotic assemblages that combine hidden gems, unlikely objects, collectibles and useless trash.

Turn off, log-out, and drop in

In this market of a new kind, artists, creatives and makers sell internet-related / internetish objects. Books, artworks, fashion items, materialised data: physical artefacts that escape an increasingly cautious, controlled and censured online world.

Through this fun, friendly and laid-back event, Internet Yami-Ichi questions the ubiquity of the digital, its (dis)illusions and future(s).

After a successful edition at the Berlin Transmediale 2014, iMAL invites for the second Internet Yami-Ichi outside of Japan. The Brussels edition will take place in the wonderful Art Nouveau architecture of the Ateliers des Tanneurs, right next to their famous organic food market!

Join us, come and browse face-to-face the post-digital goods of:
Jodi [BE+NL], Cory Arcangel [USA], Aram Bartholl [DE], Vuk Ćosić [SI], AnonymouseNiko Princen [NL], GLITCHAUS (Jeff Donaldson) [US], Nukeme [JP], Dorita [JP], Akihiko Taniguchi [JP], Exonemo [JP],Merce Death [JP], yang02 [JP], Shunya Hagiwara [JP], Sskhybrid [JP], Sadamu Fujioka [JP], IDPW [JP], Internet dude [JP], Yusuke Momma [JP], Tomoya Watanabe [JP], NIKO [JP], Matthew Plummer-Fernandez [UK], Gottfried Haider [AT], BrowserBased [NL], Jacob Eriksen [DK], John Wild [UK], Nicolas Probst [CH], Dennis de Bel [NL], Fabien Mousse [FR], Olivier Auber [FR], Jan Vantomme [BE], Julien Deswaef [BE], La Villa Hermosa [BE], HALO PUBLICATIONS [BE], Vincent Evrard [BE], Stéphane Noël [BE], Louise Moraldy [FR], Rosanna Kurrer [BE], Adrien Domken [BE], Luc Hanneuse [BE], Bart Vandeput [BE], Jorge Saint Aubyn [BE], Dominique Van de Vorst [BE] and many more!

Click here to find out more about all the fantastic things that will be sold at Yami-Ichi!

During the whole day, our Yami-Ichi Master of Ceremony Hans Theys will introduce presentations & performances by the present artists.

To keep your tummy happy, we invited Yori Nori and her delicious Korean food to join us at 16:00! Vegetarian cuisine with organic products! 

A/V performances (20:30)

We will end the Yami-Ichi on a high note, with performances by the Japanese duo Exonemo, and the pioneers JODI.


Wanna sell things?

Are you an artist, a creator or a maker? Do you want a booth at the Internet Yami-Ichi? Maybe there is still some room for you! Read more info here, and get in touch with us!

Practical Info

Sunday 28 Septembre 2014
Market from 11:00 to 22:00
Performances at 20:30

Free access

Location Ateliers des Tanneurs – Glazed Hall
(next to the organic food market) 
Rue des Tanneurs / Huidevettersstraat 58-62, 1000 Brussels

NEW! From 16:00, Korean food by Yori Nori!

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Internet Yami-Ichi  is produced by iMAL in collaboration with the collective and supported by: the Wallonia-Brussels Federation as part of the Quinzaine Numérique programme; Brussels Design September; the City of Brussels; and the Ateliers des Tanneurs