Julien Maire

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Metz, Julien MAIRE is a French new media artist with impressive works such as Exploding CameraLow Res CinemaDemi-Pas.

Since the mid-1990s, he has worked between performance art, media installations and cinema to produce live performative works that are hybrids of genres and media, exploring the physicalities of the moving image.

His installations and performances have been featured widely and internationally at prestigious venues such as Ars Electronica, Digital Art Festival, European Media Art Festival, Film Festival Rotterdam, Sonar, Transmediale, ZKM, ICC (Japan), Empac (New-York),... Julien was the winner of the NTAA award (Update_2 biennial) in 2008 and was nominated for the World Technology Award in New York in 2009.

Julien was invited by iMAL in 200420102012 and 2014 and is now permanent resident, installing his workplace at FabLab.iMAL where he is one of the managers.



with projects by Julien Maire, Val Macé & David Chazam and Yann-Aël Le Borgne & Roman Miletitch.


En mars et avril 2014, iMAL organise plusieurs workshops d'introduction à la fabrication numérique pour différentes hautes écoles artistiques bruxelloises francophones.


Mechatronics is the combination of mechanics, electronics and (more recently) computing to create programmable mechanical machines. This design process can be applied for example to robotics, it's also the basis of machines such as drawbots or RepRap, Makerbot or Ultimaker printers.

2012 - 2013

Julien Maire, French new media artist, has settled his workshop space in FabLab.iMAL for a year. He will have some time to share his experience with other members of the FabLab.


During Open House, iMAL invites 3 artists and designers to present its FabLab (digital fabrication laboratory) and their work in this context; with Corneel Cannaerts, Julien Maire, Félix Luque and Damien Gernay. In parallel, visitors can discover the Gobo Gobo Hey! exhibition by Cécile Babiole.


Julien Maire revisits the public sessions of anatomic dissection from the 16st century with a performance where he will dismantle into its inner components a living camera.


iMAL propose au VDB (Dexia Art Center) deux semaines intenses concentrées sur la culture digitale et ses infiltrations interdisciplinaires au travers de pratiques artistiques aussi variées que la danse, la musique et les arts visuels, le cinéma, les installations.


In the context of Transmediale festival in Berlin, Wallonia Brussels International organises an exhibition showing pieces by 3 Brussels-based artists: Felix Luque, Julien Maire and LAb[au].

iMAL is very happy to be associated with this event as the co-producers of Julien's new work Composite as well as Felix's installations D.W.I. and Memory Lane.


The installation will be presented at the Halles de Schaerbeek, in the framework of Focus VISIONS, from 14 October to 5 November.

In the age of high resolution, "A Thousand Segments" presents a minimal screen composed of lines mechanically switching from black to white. Each of these segments constructs and deconstructs perspectives.

The minimal screen – despite the rigour of its texture – spread freely in space...