Wednesday, 26 March 2014 | 19:00 - 22:00

Digital Fabrication & Urban Coding

For this Dorkbot presentation, two of our guests used digital fabrication at FabLab.iMAL to build their own machines/instruments. The last guest created a video game based on the Urban Coding principle.

Julien Maire will present some of his latest works: Reading Back, Piece for Ten and L'enfant lunaire. Reading Back consists in an electronic reading machine that turns the pages of a book automatically every few seconds. Julien Maire will also talk about his contribution to the scenography of the play L'enfant lunaire and about Piece for ten, a variation based on this scenography. It is a staging for silent and invisible theater: lines define spaces, create tensions, divisions and openings.

Recently formed duo Yann-Aël Le Borgne & Roman Miletitch will present PingOut and the experimental creative process that made it happen: Urban Coding. PingOut is an accomodating nomad video game, a mash-up between the arcade classics Pong and Breakout. Freed from the screen, the game turns brick walls into playable surfaces through visual mapping. Players control the game either through a tangible interface (based on a modified Arduino) or with their own smartphone. This project follows the Urban Coding principles: code anywhere, free your practice, get inspired. The game was developped on the fly, in a pub, surrounded by potential players and continuous feed back.

Finally, Val Macé and David Chazam will present PLOYBOY. This project imagined in 2011 combines household technologies and improvised music. David Chazam taps frenetically analogue synthesizers and effects pedals. Val Macé handles instruments-machines (created with FabLab.iMAL's machines), assemblies of common objects augmented by mechanical pieces and driven by interfaces as worthy as the punk Atari games console. Together, Val and David produce a style of music swinging between bruitism, neo-Balinese, baroque, retro-futuristic, punk or chamber music. They will end their presentation with a live performance.

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Practical Info

Doors: 20:00
Presentations: 20:30-22:30

Concert/Performance: David Chazam & Val Macé. Their music mixes old analog synthesizers and new augmented instruments

The presentations are in French.

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The bar is open!

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