Open House

17 May - 19 May 2012
Open House

Debates and artistic parcours in Brussels

About Open House

For the first time in Brussels 24 artistic laboratories and alternative management offices have joined together to show their practices and research in an Open House event dedicated to both public and professionals.

Focusing rather on artistic research processes than on final products, these structures provide national and international artists with time, space and tools to develop their works. With Open House these multi-disciplinary organisations take the opportunity to strengthen their bonds and show once again that Brussels is more than ever a creative and dynamic artists’ city.

Open House will propose three morning debates: one focusing on Slow Art; one on the position of the artist within the contemporary artistic sector and Brussels in particular; and one as a first-aid session for artists. It will be completed with afternoon guided tours and artistic parcours offering the public a chance to get introduced to the structures’ working process and the artists who bind them together.

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Open House Program at iMAL

During Open House, iMAL invites 3 artists and designers to present its FabLab (digital fabrication laboratory). Corneel CannaertsJulien MaireFélix Luque and Damien Gernay will introduce their work with digital fabrication, and demo the 3D printer (Makerbot), the laser cutter and the computer-controlled milling machine.

In parallel, visitors can discover the Gobo Gobo Hey! exhibition by Cécile Babiole, first artist in residency at iMAL's FabLab. Between low and high tech, analogue and digital, obsolete and new media, she proposes a visual and luminous installation revealing the confrontation between the digital and the physical. Her Miniatures, small-scale musical instruments directly produced by 3D printers, will immerse you in the sounds of popular culture.

Practical Info

14:00-18:00: Cécile Babiole, Exhibition
16:00-18:00: Corneel Cannaerts, Presentation + Discussion

14:00-18:00: Cécile Babiole, Exhibition
16:00-18:00: Julien Maire, Presentation+ Discussion

14:00-18:00: Cécile Babiole, Exhibition
14:00-16:00: Félix Luque & Damien Gernay, Presentation + Discussion

Free admission!

Place : iMAL
30 quai des Charbonnages / Koolmijnenkaai
1080 Brussels

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