moddr_* Opening

Saturday, 13 November 2010 | 14:00 - 22:00
moddr_* Opening

Workshop and Soundwwwalk

For the opening of the moddr_* exhibition at iMAL, the collective is proposing a cutting edge workshop and audio-visual performance giving a first taste of the typical moddr_lab activities.

Workshop on "Social Media Interventionist Tactics" by Gordan Savicic/moddr_
iMAL, 17:00-20:00

Participants will install and use Selenium RC Control, a server running on localhost which automatically launches and kills browser sessions; it acts as a HTTP proxy for web requests. We will record and playback browsing sessions utilizing Firebug and the selenium python API. It is capable of automatically filling in forms, making AJAX requests and simulating keystrokes and button clicks. Jalan Jalan the Internet! This technique was implemented for the web2.0 suicidemachine and could be useful for further Social Media Interventionist Tactics. Web-related programming skills desired, but not absolutely necessary!

Max. participants: 10.
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moddr_ from Rotterdam/Berlin (Danja Vasiliev, Gordan Savicic and Walter
) are experimentalists and interventionists on the edge of digital life and everyday technology.

Worm Detour: Soundwwwalk
With Constant Dullaart, Peter Moosgaard and Will Schrimshaw
iMAL, 20:00-23:00

Worm Detour presents three Soundwwwalk performances, an emerging genre of live browser-based performances using <embed> improvisation, plugin sound-collage and multitab mixing, shamelessly blending the traditions of pro-surfing, Soundwalking and laptop music. Constant Dullaart, Peter Moosgaard and Will Schrimshaw will take the audience on a sonic Detour through the World Wide Web. A Soundwwwalk considers the act of surfing the World Wide Web as form of sonic action. The artists will perform their Soundwwwalks themselves on stage or transmit their notation, sometimes in real time, to a local interpreter operating the browser. All performances follow the Soundwwwalk One-Line-Manifesto: All sound sources must be played in a browser, must not be self-produced and must to be publicly accessible.

Detour is a monthly evening of variable dimension, multiformat performances, highlighting artists taking sonic action using the world wide web and/or the urban environment as medium and/or material. 
Detour accentuates sonic artforms which in some way consider our existence in networked urban spaces as their resonating context.
Detour is hosted by WORM moddr_lab at various locations in Vienna, Austria and is curated by Bernhard Garnicnig.

Practical Info

moddr_* exhibition open from 15:00-23:00

moddr_* workshop from 17:00-20:00
Max. participants: 10.

moddr_* performances from 20:00-23-00

Free admission!

Media Gallery


moddr_* is supported by Mondriaan Foundation.