Ways beyond the post-Internet

Friday, 20 April 2018 | 14:30 - 16:00
Ways beyond the post-Internet

#LAYERS debate at Art Brussels

In the framework of the #LAYERS exhibition, a debate with : Yves Bernard (curator), Peter Beyls (artist), Josephine Bosma (net art theorist), Constant Dullaart (artist), Valérie Hasson-Benillouche (Gallery Charlot), Hampus Lindwall (art collector), Fabio Paris (curator), Domenico Quaranta (curator, art critic and theorist), Carlo Zanni (artist).

Borrowing its title from the (in)famous launch of the Post-internet label at the DLD (Digital Life Design) conference in 2012 (the round table “Ways Beyond the Internet”, introduced by Hans Ulrich Obrist), this panel wants to explore recent developments in the field of media art.

Now that a broader aknowledgment that we are living in an age shaped by digital technologies has taken place, that “digital aware art” has found its way in the global art world and market in stable, material, post-digital forms, what’s emerging in terms of æsthetics, pœtics, formal choices, politics and economics ?

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Friday 20 April, 16h30 - 18h00
Art Brussels / Tour & Taxis