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2 November 2011

Maurice Benayoun has a long experience in arts/sciences collaborations, both as a “new” media artist since the 80s, as artistic director of CITU, and co-founder of the brand new H2H Lab. Maurice will share his vision of...

26 May 2011

iMAL invites Jean-Baptiste Labrune, a scientific researcher interested in the development of creative tools using new technologies.

28 October 2010

Researcher and specialist in emerging uses of information and communication technology, Emmanuel Mahé (FR) will outline an archaeological approach of the speed in all its contemporary forms. In parallel, he will propose a reading of the current craze of the art world for...

13 April 2010

Philippe Bekaert is professor at Expertise Center for Digital Media (Hasselt University) and has a long experience of collaboration with artists, especially Eric Joris from CREW. Since 2003, they are working together on the production of interactive augmented reality...

16 September 2009

Professor in computer sciences at Paris University II and researcher at LIMSI-CNRS, Christian Jacquemin (FR) has worked on several Arts/Sciences projects and has led and taken part in several workshops on the topic. He is especially interested in virtual and augmented...

12 November 2008

For near 30 years, AMVK is interested in the relationships between arts & sciences along her continuous artistic exploration of sex, cyber-feminism, technology and representation.
A lecture in our Rendez-Vous programme.

25 March 2008

For the launch of our NewBraveWorld masterclasses, our Arts/Sciences rendez-vous will feature Atau Tanaka, artist and scientist previously at Sony Computer Science Lab (Paris) and now at Culture Lab (University of Newcastle). He will speak about Mobile Music and his...

22 January 2008

Angelo Vermeulen will talk about his art projects that utilize ecology and game culture. Angelo is fascinated with exploring dynamic systems in the process of art making, and will focus on his conceptual and aesthetical approaches for including both science and science...

11 December 2007

Nicolas is a researcher studying the social and cognitive implications of spatial and location-based applications, gaming experiences (virtual worlds, tangible interactions, ubiquitous computing), and the hybridization of digital and physical environments.

6 November 2007

On THU 6 Nov, Christophe Bruno will open our new series of Arts/Sciences conferences.