The State of Things 2017

14 September - 15 October 2017
The State of Things 2017

Finissage The State of Things 2017

On occasion of the finissage of the 'State of Things 2017' iMAL is hosting Les Ateliers Claus on Monday October 16 2017, with 3 concerts by Floris Vanhoof, Justin Bennett and Kraus.

FLORIS VANHOOF (B) combines homemade musical circuits with abandoned projection technologies. He translates one medium to another to find out how our perception operates and which new perspectives appear.

KRAUS (NZ) plays guitar, drums, a home-made synthesizer, organ, bamboo flute and tape-loops and is inspired by medieval and Renaissance music, Japanese traditional music, psychedelic music, electronic music 1950s-70s and rock and pop of the same era.