Acts of Presence

14 November - 6 December 2013
Acts of Presence

Wouter Huis - Uhmlalala, Circus for your satisfaction

Uhmlalala, Circus for your Satisfaction by Wouter Huis is a closed circuit video installation, in which a camera is continuously filming what's happening in front of the video projection. The video shows us the image of the space from where we are looking at, and where, sometimes, one or several spectators pass by at the point where we are standing. Then we might understand that we are attending to the live-delayed replay from what is filmed by this camera. We thus find ourselves waiting for the appearance of our own image, wait which seems very natural. But this film is released with a 24 hours delay, which puts us in a potentially impossible waiting (unless you come back the day after). 

Wouter Huis

Wouter Huis works in different media, but mainly focuses on video. Or rather: he places a medium (or mediator) in between what we see and how we see, directing the gaze towards things that normally do not find themselves in the centre of attention but that are always, unobtrusively there in the architecture that surrounds us. By doing so, scanning spaces and situations, he also places the focus on the medium as such. It is a state between the something and the nothing that seems to fascinate Huis.