Zsolt Kozma

Zsolt Kozma is the curator of the Reports from badlands programme at K41, presenting artistic positions and practices that present commentaries on globally relevant subjects by offering perspectives of these subjects and insights into them from across geographical, social and sometimes historical divides.

The Reports from badlands project endeavours to present a series of thematic exhibitions, where artistic positions and practices across geographical, social and sometimes historical divides offer perspectives of and insights into globally relevant subjects.

The first exhibition, Some that is the case, showcases videos and video installations by three internationally acclaimed artists, Eike Berg (Hungary-Germany), Péter Forgács (Hungary) and Philip Pocock (Canada-Germany). Personal visual diaries, a travelogue presented at the 1993 Venice Biennale, and a philosophical journey across time via vintage home videos explore the themes of migration, personal history and individual memory versus community history.



Een selectie van verschillende verhalen die het bewustzijn en de perceptie vormen van een jongere, vanaf de peuterleeftijd tot de late adolescentie, in verschillende delen van de wereld. De tentoonstelling toont een verscheidenheid van genres in de videokunst: computeranimatie, tekenfilm, documentaire, fictie, fotoprojectie en video-installatie.
Met Eike Berg (DE), Barney Frydman (BE), Riikka Kuoppala (FI), Philip Pocock (CA), Gigi Scaria (IN), László László Révész (HU), Tamás Waliczky (HU).