Blockchain. Fact. Fiction. Future

3 november - 4 november 2016
Blockchain. Fact. Fiction. Future

HACKLAB - Deploy a Plantoid

Een introductie tot programmeerbare blockchain (smart contracten, traceerbaarheid, deeleconomie ...). Een hands-on ontdekking van de creatieve en artistieke toepassingen van deze technologie. Een verkenning van nieuwe vormen van synergie tussen mensen, code en objecten dankzij technologie. Deze introductie wordt begeleid door Les Usines Louise, Bricodeurs & Cellabz.

Za 5/11, 10:00 – 17:30. Fee: 30€
Registration mandatory through this form. Max 15 participants.

An autonomous robotic "plant" powered by a blockchain

After a hands-on introduction to blockchain, you will participate in the remix of a Plantoid, a blockchain-based self-creating and self-propagating artwork created by the collective O'KHAOS, at the intersection of economics and art.

From writing smart contracts to the improvement of sensors, making Plantoid sensitive to its environment, the team, led by Les Bricodeurs, Cellabz and Les Usines Louise, will guide you through the exploration of new forms of interaction between humans, code and objects opened by the blockchain technology.


The hacklab is open to artists, hackers, designers, geeks, or anyone curious about blockchain, with no prior coding experience required. Basic experience in Arduino and/or web programming is nevertheless very welcome!

Bring your own laptop. Workshop material can be used on site.

About the workshop leaders
Isabelle Humbert-Radtke (FR)
Sculptor & engineer, Les Usines Louise

Isabelle Radtke is sculptor and bio-hacker at La Paillasse Saône. She created the LUL project to give shape to an intuition she called “tools to think with your hands” that shifts the creative process towards sustainable and frugal solutions. These tools will be invented and created by means of sketches, poetic and technical periods. As an open project, can get involved in its research. Doing so, Radtke hopes to instigate a co-creative process to develop an art form that would belong to those using and making it.


Xavier Lavayssière (FR)
Entrepreneur, lawyer, developer, Les Bricodeurs

With IT skills, entrepreneurial experience and a good knowledge of governmental institutions, Xavier Lavayssière has a strong interest in innovation ecosystems, business development and international cooperation. The subject of smart contracts, digital formalisation of legal relations on the blockchain, fascinates him. He is currently working with Isabelle Humbert-Radtke on a plantoid: a sculpture that finances its descent through smart contract. Lavayssière founded Les Bricodeurs, a group of designers, artists, engineers, technicians and those who have nothing to do with labels, to help disseminate digital culture, especially among young people with Ada Workshops, which is part of the global movement of civic tech developing technical projects. He also co-founded, a few months ago, the School of Design and Digital Crafts to support large groups, artisans and freelancers in their growing competence on digital issues with a pragmatic and multidisciplinary vision based on a network of sites and expertise.


Nicolas Loubet (FR)

Nicolas Loubet is a serial entrepreneur, communities bootstraper, ecosystem strategist and startup team mentor. He is a founding member of Bleunod, Knowtex and Umpas. With Clément Epié, Loubet deploys within Cellabz, innovative laboratories to explore the blockchain universe at the intersection of universities, startups, the makerspaces and technology companies.