Legoman: visuals for "Waste Land" liveperformance

13 mei - 23 mei 2013
Legoman: visuals for "Waste Land" liveperformance

Over the course of several residencies in 2013 Stray Dogs & Legoman will develop a new audiovisual performance, using the music on Stray Dogs' last album «Wasteland» as a starting point. Keywords are the use of abstract, slowly developing textures, emphasis on the tactile/physical qualities of sound & image, erosion and meditative states.

About visuals

For the visual side of the «Waste Land» liveperformances, Yannick Jacket (Legoman) has departed from a scenography consisting of 7 vertical screens placed in a half circle behind the performers. He focuses on the content of the projections rather than on how this content is projected and manipulated. To create the visual content, Yannick uses organic, natural & analog processes such as transformation and distortion. A good example is filming lighting effects on paper... At iMAL, he experimented different kind of monochromes and abstract textures to take advantage of the direct, primal and emotive impact of color and texture as opposed to the referential quality of figurative/concrete images. A special kind of black screen will be used as projection surface, which is characterised by high luminosity & contrast, enhancing the direct impact of primal colors and light. The visuals should create an environment for the music and the audience to «live» in, instead of being an external object that demands explicit attention.

Yannick desires to find a direct/primal relationship between music and visuals that is not based on formal qualities (e.g. audioreactivity), nor on thematic correlation/association, nor on the use of references/signifieds (e.g memories, impressions, landscapes...).

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