Les Daltoniens: Beatbox Story

6 oktober - 12 oktober 2013
Les Daltoniens: Beatbox Story

Les Daltoniens work on multidisciplinary arts, mixing digital graffiti, hidden game, hip-hop dance, theater and vocal music. They take back and turn away complex technological tools such as "motion capture" for digital graffiti and the creation of "sound loop" in "human beatbox".


Beatbox Story tells the incredible story of "human beatboxing" through a subtle blend of performances, archives and new technologies.

During their residency at iMAL, the artists have worked on the Beatboxmaton. As in a photo booth, spectators are invited to produce sounds in a cabin. During the recording session, the voice of the Beatboxmaton teaches participants how to produce basic sounds used by human beatboxers, but also arouses their spontaneous vocal composition. The sounds recorded by the machine are then mixed with the other participants' sounds in order to create a real musical piece a capella.

The particularity of this project in comparison with other programs which have already made this kind of mixing public's sound captures lies in the fact that the song is performed live by a beat maker during the show. It is not a matter of prerecorded pieces in which the captations come  and integrate but is an I-pad interface, which is similar to an MPC (digital drums), allowing to use each sound how one wants and even to loop it if necessary, in order to create live a unique piece of music.

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