Connecting Cities 2013 : Networked City

3 oktober - 4 oktober 2013
Connecting Cities 2013 : Networked City

Binoculars to… Binoculars from…

Binoculars to... Binoculars from... is an installation which is able to connect to a number of cities in an extraordinary way. When you look through the binoculars, instead of seeing the scene physically in front of them, you are transported to a different site. This opening of a real-time window into another location is not unidirectional: when looking into the binoculars, your eye is captured and shown on an urban screen at the observed place. Hence, the inhabitants of the other connected city will see the huge-scale, searching eye looking at them.

As well as playfully connecting to other cities and dealing with issues of extended surveillance, this work underlines the ideas of the French anthropologist Marc Augé. Binoculars... creates an excess of time and space, allowing one to travel to a totally different location and be present there in a matter of milliseconds, whilst still remaining in their first physical location.

About Mar Canet Sola and Varvara Guljajeva

Mar Canet Sola and Varvara Guljajeva's work is concerned with new forms of art, and in particular the playfulness of expression which technology can provide within this context. They apply and challenge technology and traditional production methods in order to explore novel concepts in art, often using computer programming, hardware design and research to create interactive new media installations and projects.

As a duo their works have been exhibited in a number of international shows and festivals, and they have been selected for numerous artist residencies.

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