Arts/Sciences#16: Peter Beyls

woensdag, 26 november 2014 | 19:00 - 22:00
Arts/Sciences#16: Peter Beyls

Computer Art, Sciences, Code and Introspection

Peter Beyls is a Belgian pioneering interdisciplinary artist who has been exploring computer programming for nearly four decades. His work extends into the visual arts, music and hybrid experimental formats.

Peter's practice is a continuous dialogue between visual arts, music and sciences (computer science, information theory, mathematics, psychology, biology and cognitive sciences). Beyls developed the activity of programming (writing code) and its resulting man/machine dialogue as a  method for deep introspection of his artistic process and his own identity. Programming for Beyls is a speculative activity opening new conceptual areas and aesthetic horizons.

After completing initial studies in electronic engineering, Peter Beyls studied at the Brussels Royal Music Conservatory, EMS Stockholm and the Slade School of Art, University Colelge London. He was awarded a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Plymouth, UK for his research in evolutionary computing applied to real-time interactive music systems.

Beyls is deeply interested in the aesthetic and cognitive dimensions of digital media in the arts. In the scientific realm, he published some 75 papers on distinctive aspects of digital art and was a visiting professor at various institutions in Canada, China, Japan and the USA.

His work was widely exhibited and performed at events like Siggraph, ICMC, Imagina, ISCM, Generative Arts and ISEA. He is currently research professor at the Centre for Research in Science and Technology for the Arts (CITAR), Universidade Católica Portuguese, Porto and visiting professor of Media Art at the School of Arts, University College Ghent. 

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Doors: 20:00
Lecture: 20:15
The presentation is in English

Free Entrance
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Place: iMAL
30, Quai des Charbonnages Koolmijnenkaai
1080 Brussels

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Peter Beyls & computer live performance, VUB, Brussels, 1988
Peter Beyls at work, Slade School of Art, University College London, 1977