11 juni - 28 juni 2015

residency by Collectif Immersio

"IMMERSIO" is an interactive experience that immerses the participant in a waking dream, in a world that evolves from reality to abstraction. With virtual reality goggles and headphones on his head, the participant is invited to dive into a virtual ambulatory space. 

The work not only questions the place of the body and of human perception in a digital space. "IMMERSO" also explores the medium by focusing on dramaturgy, movement, interactivity, generative and random processes, ... It offers an individual and intimate experience and is an attempt to redefine the relationship between a single spectator and the artist, through an experience on the crossroad of performance, visual art and digital art.

Media Galerij


Collectif Immersio: Yann Deval, Aurélien Merceron, Christophe Monchalin, Boris Wilmot, Thomas Fage, Stéphane Laplatte
Avec le soutien de: iMAL et la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.