mei, 2006

book about experimental media arts workshops in Brussels

x-med-a is a book published in May 2006 (isbn 9081073311 & 908107332X) and produced by 4 digital culture associations from Brussels: f0am, Nadine, Okno and iMAL.

X-med-a (experimental media arts) starts from the many workshops these associations organised since 2000 and outlines the media art landscape in Brussels. iMAL was invited to participate to this collective publication because of the many workshops it organised since 2001 (10 on a total of 24), inviting in Brussels artists such as Casey Reas, David Rokeby, HC Gilje, Jasch.

More than hundred professional artists and students participated in the workshops, eager to remediate a perceived lack of experimental media education in Belgium.

the complete book as a pdf.