VOIDCHRONICLES: the white box

27 augustus - 17 september 2010
VOIDCHRONICLES: the white box

A project by Nathalie Kerschen

Nathalie Kershen presents a travelling box, completely isolated from the inside and equipped with a broadcasting system to record the void occuring during its journey. After Ottawa, Luxembourg (Casino) and Charleroi (B.P.S.22), the white box is now arriving at iMAL.


The void that is recorded during the journey from a point A to a point B will subsequently be transferred on mini-tapes with a limited number of minutes corresponding to the paid prize. The visitor should not only buy a voidzone, a spatial fragment, but he also becomes the owner of the Void recorded by means of its materialization on tape. He may then have three mines of a projected plan recorded at a given moment at his disposal.

The project presents two different types of VOIDZONES:
- The Tapebox, a limited and individual voidzone (including up to 30 min)
-The Voidbag, the classic model with a 10 min sample
Both pieces include digital codes to download the sound samples.


The white box has already passed through galleries in Luxembourg and Charleroi. Not only does the box represent an intellectual challenge but it also figures as a passionate scream in our dull existence, opening our minds to the invisible movements that surround us on a daily basis

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Praktische Info

Vernissage during the MFF 2010 Opening
Friday 27 August, 18:30-23:30

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday : 12:00 - 18:00
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Free entrance!

Location: iMAL


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