Julian Oliver (NZ)

(EN) New Zealander based in Berlin, Julian has been active in the critical intersection of art and technology since 1998. His projects have been presented at many museums, international electronic-art events and conferences, and received several awards.

Julian has also given numerous workshops and master classes in software art, augmented reality, creative hacking, data forensics, object-oriented programming for artists, virtual architecture, artistic game-development, information visualization, UNIX/Linux and open source development practices worldwide.

In 2008, he initiated The Artvertiser in collaboration with Damian Stewart.

(FR) Julian est un artiste néo-zélandais basé à Berlin. Il a présenté ses projets dans de nombreux musées, manifestations internationales d'art électronique et conférences. Son travail a reçu plusieurs prix, allant à travers l'excellence technique, l'invention artistique et le design d'interaction.
Il a donné de nombreux workshops et masterclasses autour de l’art programmé, la réalité augmentée, le hacking créatif, le développement de jeux artistiques, la programmation orientée objet pour les artistes, l'architecture virtuelle, la visualisation de l'information, la médecine légale de données, UNIX / Linux et les pratiques de développement open source dans le monde entier.

En 2008, Il a initié The Artvertiser en collaboration avec Damian Stewart.

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Projet de "Réalité Améliorée" de Julian Oliver (NZ/DE) en collaboration avec Damian Stewart (NZ/AU)



FALSE POSITIVE deploys text messaging, stealth infrastructure, street intervention, and data visualization to enact a surveillance conspiracy engaging the public in an intimate, techno-political conversation with the mobile technologies on which they depend.


After Networked City in 2013 and Participatory City 2014, this year's curatorial theme of INVISIBLE and VISIBLE Cities 2015 aims to develop an awareness of the underlying data and technologies of modern cities, which are almost invisible to the eye.


In a post-Snowden world of generalised surveillance, understanding network technologies becomes vital. In this intensive workshop Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev teach low level networking using only command line tools and networking hardware. In doing so, students learn not only how to create and manipulate computer networks, but also how they can be used to manipulate us.


With : Raphaël Bastide & Yannick Antoine, Michel Bauwens, Josephine Bosma, Heath Bunting, Paolo Cirio, Florian Cramer, Régine Debatty, Constant Dullaart, Jodi, Olia Lialina, Alessandro Ludovico, Nicolas Malevé, Miltos Manetas, Julian Oliver, Domenico Quaranta, Rafael Rozendaal, Sakrowski, Gordan Savičić 


The Rotterdam based artist collective moddr_  is invited for a "carte blanche" to present an exhibition of their latest artworks with an associated programme of performances, lectures and workshops.


MFF2010 closing event is happening in Brussels during the week-end of the Nuit Blanche, October 1-3. On this occasion, curators and artists will gather in Brussels for a final public panel to share the results of the project and discuss with you the issues and future of urban screens and media facades, and how they can be a new communication format for interconnecting cities beyond borders.


For Nuit Blanche, MFF 2010 offers a breathtaking view on digital artworks presented in the Brussels public space and all over Europe.  During one night, the buildings along the canal will be pulsating to the rhythm of the city, while signs and advertising displays will be transformed into virtual artworks. An unusual walk in the heart of the digital city!


The Artvertiser is an urban, hand-held 'Improved Reality' project that re-purposes street advertisements as the surface for exhibiting art. During this 3-days workshop, participating artists will have the opportunity to create visual works to replace urban advertisement in Brussels. They will be able to experiment and analyse real time computer vision techniques developed by Julian Oliver and his team.


Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 (MFF 2010) is an urban media art project that interconnects seven European cities through urban screens and media facades located in public spaces. Artists and media designers will show throughout Europe specially developed art projects, during screenings and Joint Broadcasting Events, opening a global window to create dialogue, share dreams and exchange ideas.


iMAL propose ART+GAME, une exploration des relations entre Art et Jeux Vidéos avec une exposition d’artistes de renommée internationale, des projections de films documentaires et Machinima, des performances et concerts, des conférences et débats.


The projects made by the workshop participants during Artvertising Brussels are online. Check them here!