Here is a list of contents in which OpenFrameworks appear.


2015 - 2016

"Tanukis" researches the possibility of an emotive relationship between a human and a virtual avatar. This project will be developed in 3 different forms: a performance, an installation and an art game. During his residency at iMAL from December 23 2015 until January 15 2016, François Zajega will work on the installation version.


openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding. This workshop, led by core members of the OF team, is focused on Mobile Apps development for Android and iOS.


After Nintendo’s Wiimote, the geek/open source community hacks a new gaming device: the Kinect, Microsoft’s 3D camera for the Xbox.

iMAL invites you to discover the creative potential of this new tool, during an afternoon of presentation and a day of experimentation.


A 3 days workshop by Zachary Lieberman, Arturo Castro and Theo Watson about openFramewoks library.