Pascale Barret

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2008 - 2010

The research project VIRAGE is a platform which studies and develops software prototypes to help artistic creation and cultural industries to control and write their projects.


Interactive audio-visual installation by Pascale Barret.


Interactive-video installation by Pascale Barret.



"I don’t know where this is going" is the second part of Iterations, a project investigating the future of collaborative artistic practices in a technologically networked context. The exhibition presents a collective installation by Pascale Barret (BE/FR), Miriam Raggam (AT), Claire Williams (BE/FR), François Zajega (BE), Julien Deswaef (USA/BE) and Annie Abrahams (NL/FR).


Upon conclusion of her residency with Rudi Giot, Lucille Calmel, & MARC (Limsi-cnrs), Pascale Barret will present a new "work in progress" version of her project Beautiful Beasts initiated at iMAL during the Arts/Science research project VIRAGE.


This residency in collaboration with Rudi Rudi Giot, Lucille Calmel, & MARC (LIMSI-CNRS) has for objecive to develop and test the mechanism and ergonomy of interaction between the audience, the performers and the possible scenarios. It will be concluded by a public presentation on Wednesday, Feb. 15th..


The research project VIRAGE develops methods and sofware prototypes for cultural industries and for the arts, whether they are performing arts, visual arts or installations. The consortium is composed of art centers, universities and innovative companies from France and Belgium. These 3 days of lectures, workshops, performances and exhibitions will present the end results of the project.


iMAL proposes in 2005 a unique experiment merging art education and digital culture public event: openLAB, a workshop and residence of 2 weeks for about 20 artists invited to produce digital art works such as interactive installations and audiovisual performances.