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openLAB Projects

9 November - 4 December 2005
openLAB Projects

After the exhibitions CONTinENT in 2000 and F2F in 2003, after ‘Infiltrations Digitales’, exhibition and series of sound/images concerts in 2004, after many workshops since 2002 and summer courses in 2005, iMAL proposes in 2005 a unique experiment merging art education and digital culture public event:openLAB, a workshop and residence of 2 weeks for about 20 artists invited to produce digital art works such as interactive installations and audiovisual performances. The residences ends with a public week-end proposing an exhibition of the works and a night of performances. 
The participants were immersed in a large workplace installed at nadine, working with the assistance of advisers and experts in digital arts. Proposed works were as diverse as an interactive journey on a bicycle through Brussels, a sonic environment fueled by electric fishes, a dialog with a chatbot, an impossible encounter in a tunnel, a performance with drills, ropes and webcams,...

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