Wednesday, 26 February 2014 | 17:00

Bar.temp is a pop up bar that blends media and electronic cultures together with a cosy atmosphere.

This edition focusses on AV performances: discover and experience the projects of Lucas Lejeune, Paul Boudeau (Collectif_Sin~) and Third Hand's magnetic mix. Listen to playlists selected by 4th + Collectif Sin~ for Black Bivouac Festival, Laetitia Tónlistina for Irm Webradio and Gaillard & Claude. Explore a selection of websites & videos. Enjoy creative food by Gaëlle Leenhardt and carefully selected wines & beers in iMAL's cosy sofas!


20:00 Lucas Lejeune - Rajas - Sattva - Tamas

Creation. Conservation. Destruction. Lucas Lejeune modifies his "visual identity" with a device to which he is attached (love, dependance, parasite?) but that he also controls in real time.


21:00 Paul Boudeau (Collectif_Sin~) - ((((((((TMCW)))))))))

Paul Boudeau, member of Collectif_Sin~, presents Traditional Music In Cybernetic World, ((((((((TMCW)))))))). This project consists in a series of musical performances based on an open reinterpretation of musical principles inspired by traditional music thanks to the computer technology.

22:00 S.M.I.L.E Magnetic Mix & Wallpainting

Tell Me More Smiley Face - Wallpainting by Paul Chazal
S.M.I.L.E. Magnetic Mix, a mix with magnetic audio tapes by Third Hand


4th + Collectif Sin~ for Black Bivouac Festival
Laetitia Tónlistina for Irm Webradio:
Gaillard & Claude :


A selection of projects to bring an overview of some aesthetics developed within the web culture.


Creative food by Gaëlle Leenhardt, selection of natural wines by Le Titulus and special beers by Belgoo.

Practical Info

Free entrance 
Friendly prices
 (food & drinks)

Free wifi available!

Doors: 18:00
Kitchen: 19:00

A/V performances
Perf. Lucas Lejeune: 20:00
Perf. Paul Boudeau: 21:00
Perf. Third Hand + wallpainting: 22:00

Location: iMAL
30 Koolmijnenkaai - Quai des Charbonnages
1080 Brussels

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Bar.temp is a concept by Elodie Delaigle, producted by iMAL with the support of the VGC.