5 August - 10 August 2012

Research residency with Tom Heene, Jean-Marie Boyer and Nicolas Montgermont

Tom Heene, Jean-Marie Boyer and Nicolas Montgermont are this week 'artists in residency' at iMAL. They are working on a new version of DarkMatr.

The first version of this installation has started in 2009 and was a collaboration between artists working in the digital art field and scientists. The aim was to increase the immersion between the user, computer and data through empirical research on new and 'human' interfaces. The project received the support of the Flemish IBBT ART&D program.

In DarkMatr-v2, a part of the internet archives is used as a base to create a character, a sort of intelligent virtual robot with who the user will be able to communicate in a cinematographic environment. The goal is to bring the user to experience a complete fusion between himself and the web.

Media Gallery


DarkMatr-v2 is supported by the Vlaamse Gemeenschap and the Brussels' VGC.