Overtoon exhibition

17 April - 19 May 2013
Overtoon exhibition



Cell, installation (2012)

Cell is an installation that consists of a steel cylinder which is freely accessible and of a web of hidden wireless sensors. On several spots these sensors measure fine vibrations that occur within the building or in the environment. The steel cocoon receives those vibrations and amplifies the low frequencies across its inner surfaces. It acts as a focus point of contact events between bodies and architecture. As soon as vibrations resonate with the steel they are registered and stored. The events are constantly repeated and gradually raised in tone. All low frequencies evaporate after some hours when they have lost all of their materiality and they leave the steel sculpture’s memory as high-frequency remainders. 


Phantom Melodies, installation/performance (2006)

In Phantom Melodies Aernoudt (re)constructs field recordings from the Amazon rainforest as a spatial, almost palpable reality.

Phantom Melodies is an installation with a number of self-constructed rotating speakers, each producing a specific stream of sounds. The speakers are placed in a space where the public can walk about freely. The installation is playing in a loop: as a result it is perceived as a constantly shifting sound field. This field is created from the rotation and speed alterations in accordance to the sounds and the timeline of the score. The sound field is an automated composition from movements in time.

This work includes a performance. The performers (Francisco López and Aernoudt Jacobs) play with speed and rotation direction. Minimal changes in rotation and direction has a lot of impact on the perceived sounds.


Leeway, installation (2013)

Leeway seeks the tension between space as sound and sound as space or the imagined space versus the real space. Graphite drawings serve as an electronic control panel for various sound objects and light sources. The viewer is invited to “operate” the drawings himself and to change the course of a generative sound composition.

Vonkveld #3 [research], installation (2013)

Uyttendaele presents the research for his Vonkveld #3, the project he works on during his residency at Overtoon.

Vonkveld (Sparks Field) is an ongoing investigation into the use of electricity in its most pure form. Artificial light and noise is reduced to popping flashes, sparks and flame splashes. By working with primitive technology as electricity the artist seeks to grab the core of modern media and zooms in on the archaic aspect of information technology.

In Vonkveld #3 Jeroen experiments with 'colored' sparks. With the construction of models composed of different materials he experiments with light colors and different spatial structures.


Circuit 03 [prototype], installation (2013)

Circuit 03 is the final part of a trilogy. The 'Circuit'-trilogy arose from a study of communication patterns in the musical performance. The application of game analysis on the musical performance is central in this research.

The installations are conceived as strategies from the central think path "composed operations / operated compositions”. A game is created in which musicians and sound objects have to explore possibilities and difficulties of communication to come to a sounding result.

Circuit 03 comprises several moving modules that autonomously have the possibility to shape acoustic feedback in a physical way.