Antonin De Bemels

Antonin De Bemels was born in Brussels in 1975. Since 1997 he directed several experimental videos which were presented at various international festivals, mainly in Europe but also in the United States, Canada, Asia, South America and Australia. He also makes audiovisual performances, and creates audiovisual backgrounds for contemporary dance and theatre shows. His music and sound research is carried out under the pseudonym of Petite Porte de Bronze. Since 2002 he has been developing video installation projects. He collaborates on a regular basis with the entity known as Bonhomme Daniel.



Een installatie op de grens van beeldhouwkunst, mapping en animatiefilm. Antonin De Bemels tranformeert een papier-maché sculptuur in een levende dummy die wanhopig probeert uit te zoeken of hij menselijk is of niet.