Erik Overmeire

Erik Overmeire is a media artist working with robotics and virtual, artificial or non-human intelligence that expand into the physical realm, machine-human-nature - interaction. He is interested in the, often now, blurred distinction between nature and machine and explores the area of the machine as an augmentation of nature and the other way around - nature as an extension of machine; a space and no-space between nature and machine; and the tensions between nature and the machine. In his work he utilises and hacks tools such as openCV, wide arrays of electronics (arduinos, environmental sensors), Kinect camera and he often writes and apply code for generative visuals and sound, vision systems, feedback loop interaction and that way he plays with the concept of primitive form of consciousness and self-consciousness.

He holds BA from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and he worked and collaborated with institutions like Worm (Rotterdam) and Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven) and artists such as Geert Mul among many others. Also he works as the main developer for Popkalab in Rotterdam.



Een atelier en een stadsperformance over intelligente kleding en generatieve motieven.