Wearable Facade

23 september - 25 september 2015
Wearable Facade

Een project van Ricardo O'Nascimento

iMAL nodigt kunstenaar Ricardo O'Nascimento en zijn project "Wearable Facade" uit voor een atelier en een stadsperformance over intelligente kleding en generatieve motieven.

iMAL nodigt (mode) designers, nieuwe mediakunstenaars en studenten uit voor het atelier, geleid door het Wearable Facade team (Ricardo O'Nascimento & Erik Overmeire). Samen leren ze te interageren met deze intelligente kleding, creëren ze nieuwe interactieve patronen en herinterpreteren ze de stedelijke omgeving. De resultaten van het atelier worden, samen met de originele patronen van O'Nascimento, getoond op de Wearable Facade tijdens een wandeling/performance in de Dansaertwijk. Een bijzondere ervaring voor voorbijgangers en bewoners, die in gesprek kunnen gaan met de kunstenaar en zo meer te weten kunnen komen over het project.

  • 24, 25 September : Workshop
  • 26 September : Public performances at 13:00 & 18:30 (start in front of iMAL)

The workshop is open to programmers, fashion designers, graphic designers, art students and creative people ready to work in teams.

Registration is mandatory

About the artists

Ricardo O'Nascimento is an artist and researcher on the field of new media and interactive art. He investigates body-environment relations focused on interface development for worn devices, interactive installations and hybrid environments. He is the founder of POPKALAB - a design/research studio focused on innovation on the field of wearable technology.

He holds degree from PUC - SP , SENAC - SP and the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz at the Interface Culture Department. Currently he works in his studio and teaches at some places.

He receive awards including CYNETART award 2012 and Rumos Arte Cibernética. His works have been featured in several museums, galleries and art festivals like Ars Electronica, FILE, LABoral, V2, Instituto Itaú Cultural, Soft Galleri, Transmediale and MAC - Coruña, among others.

Erik Overmeire is a media artist working with robotics and virtual, artificial or non-human intelligence that expand into the physical realm, machine-human-nature - interaction. He is interested in the, often now, blurred distinction between nature and machine and explores the area of the machine as an augmentation of nature and the other way around - nature as an extension of machine; a space and no-space between nature and machine; and the tensions between nature and the machine. In his work he utilises and hacks tools such as openCV, wide arrays of electronics (arduinos, environmental sensors), Kinect camera and he often writes and apply code for generative visuals and sound, vision systems, feedback loop interaction and that way he plays with the concept of primitive form of consciousness and self-consciousness.

He holds BA from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and he worked and collaborated with institutions like Worm (Rotterdam) and Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven) and artists such as Geert Mul among many others. Also he works as the main developer for Popkalab in Rotterdam.

Praktische Info

26 September
13:00 & 18:30
Location: Rue Dansaert, Rue de Flandre, St-Catherine
(start in front of iMAL)

Subject to change in case of rain!

Media Galerij


Wearable Facade is een opdracht van Urbane Künste Ruhr in in het kader van Connecting Cities.
Met de steun van het Culture Programme 2007-2013 van de Europese Unie.

Wearable Facade wordt gepresenteerd door iMAL in Brussel, in het kader van In/Visible City 2015 en Design September 2015.

Thanks: fo.amWendy Van Wynsberghe