Tom Heene

Tom Heene was born in Ghent, Belgium. He develops multidisciplinary projects in film and in digital arts and has worked with choreographers, visual artists, scientists, code artists on interactive environments using digital tools. The issues in Tom's work are about questioning the human relation with new media, data mining the internet, and creating new cinematic experiences.Tom worked as a production manager on several art exhibitions. He is also founding member of the 'RGB~Toysband', a collective of performers using electronic toys as instruments to play with in public spaces.
In film, Tom is active as a director, assistant director and production manager. He has worked on movies made by several filmmakers like Alain Berliner, Frédéric Fonteyne, Philippe Falardeau, Olivier Smolders, Jürgen Leth & Lars Von Trier. In the summer of 2009 he directed three short fiction films that are actually in post production.



immersive environment by Tom Heene and Yacine Sebti



Het doel van DarkMatr-v2 is om via de installatie de gebruiker een totale fusie tussen hemzelf en het web te doen beleven.


After 2 residencies at iMAL, Tom Heene and his colleagues artists, developers and scientists show during 3 days the results of the project Dark Matter. The research project investigates the way data from the web and our physical world can be merged and presented in a total user experience. It is supported by the Art&D programme of Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology. Partners are the Center for User Experience Research - CUO (KUL), WICA (UGent), NODEBOX and LAHAAG.

This 3rd DorkbotBRU will bring us through 3 projects into the world of networks, data flow, visualization and interfaces and how artists try to appropriate them. There is also some space for projects by hackers of Brussels. And this, of course, in a cosy way with Dj and open bar!


Van 29 oktober tot 14 november organiseert iMAL in VDB (Dexia Art Center) twee geanimeerde weken waarbij de digitale cultuur en haar interdisciplinaire invloeden doorheen gevarieerde kunstpraktijken, zoals dans, muziek en visuele kunst, filmkunst, installaties, centraal staan.


interactieve video + solo met Mélanie Munt, Tom Heene, Yacine Sebti


The Art&D project DarkMatr by Tom Heene and his team is presented at the E-Culture Fair during ISEA2010 in Dortmund, August 2010. DarkMatr was supported by 3 residencies (with public presentation) at iMAL in 2009.

The installation by Tom Heene and Yacine Sebti is part of the 43 nominees in the interactive art section of the famous brazilian festival FILE (São Paulo). You can support Salt Lake by voting directly on the website of the FILE PRIX LUX.