Projection on forms and spaces

8 april - 14 april 2011
Projection on forms and spaces

An openLAB Masterclass with HC Gilje (NO)

In kort

In navolging van zijn succesvolle masterclasses stelt iMAL, in samenwerking met de Noorse kunstenaar HC Gilje (NO), een nieuwe openLAB-workshop voor. Ditmaal werkt de projectgerichte workshop rond het gebruik van licht, ruimte en technologie om nieuwe vormen van beeldende kunst te creëren. Met behulp van VPT (Video Projection Tool), een gratis softwareprogramma voor realtimeprojectie, kunnen de deelnemers (audio)visuele omgevingen ontwikkelen. Deze omgevingen evolueren in tijd en ruimte voor het ontwerpen van installaties, performances enzovoort.

Na een intensieve productieworkshop zullen de geselecteerde projecten voorgesteld worden tijdens een kortdurende tentoonstelling bij iMAL.

Kunstenaars, architecten, ontwerpers, scenografen en veejays worden hierbij uitgenodigd om hun projectvoorstellen in te zenden via het ‘Call for Projects’-formulier. Inzenden is mogelijk tot en met 16 maart.


Video projection is basically an advanced light source: with the use of a computer, one can combine an infinite variety of masks with millions of colours as a tool for painting with light. Just by thinking of video projection as light detaches it from the usual format of projecting a content onto a flat screen, and opens up to projecting on bodies, objects, surfaces, walls, floors, ceiling, buildings etc.

Different lighting completely changes the way we perceive the world, take for instance how a city changes over the course of a day. The interplay of light and darkness forms the world (as we experience it), and the ability to control both the placement, intensity, color, and shape of the lights as well as being able to control these parameters over time gives new possibilities to transform spaces using light.1

Furthermore, it also allows us to augment bodies and architecture with light and visuals, to imagine a kind of Theater of Totality as envisioned by László Moholy-Nagy or through works such as Poème Électronique by Le Corbusier, Xenakis and Varèse (Philips Pavillion, Brussels World's fair, 1958). Digital technologies extend the possibilities to develop further an art of light and space (e.g. see James Turell), to explore deeper experimental cinematography with unusual projections spaces (e.g. see Michael Naimark), to design (interactive/realtime) processes or conversations between light, space, sound and time.

Using VPT (Video Projection Tool), a free software for realtime projection, participants will be able to create (audio-)visual environments that develop in time and space for the conception of installations, performances,...

1HC Gilje, "Painting with Light"

The openLAB masterclass

In 2005, iMAL initiated its first openLAB, which proved to be a huge success. It was followed by several masterclasses (e.g. New Brave World: Talkoo by David Cuartielles, GeoTales by Esther Polak... Artverting Brussels by Julian Oliver) during which participants could initiate new projects and informally show them to the public. This year, the original openLAB concept finally comes back for an engaging week of creation and experimentation.

The openLAB masterclass is an intensive workshop based on the projects of the participants. After a preliminary selection through a call for projects, the participants will bring their ideas to fruition during a workshop week (Production Lab). The results will then be presented and documented in a public exhibition.

Before the Production Lab itself, the participants, together with the workshop leader and iMAL team, will develop, refine and discuss their projects through an online collaborative platform. This preparatory process should bring together participants into maximum 5 to 6 groups, and associated projets to be further developed. During the production phase, a team of assistants will help the participants in the making of the final projects.

More on the final exhibition here.

Production space

The production lab and the final exhibition will take place in the interior architecture of iMAL's venue.
More info here...


About HC Gilje

For nearly a decade, artist HC Gilje has explored in his works the potential of using video projections as light sources.

In 1999-2000, he developed the project VideoNervous as his first experiment in projecting video into three-dimensional spaces and onto physical bodies.

In 2008, HC Gilje released VPT, a free, multipurpose realtime projection software for Mac and Windows.

HC Gilje works with installations, live performance, set design and single-channel video. Gilje has presented his work through different channels throughout the world: in concert-venues, theatres and cinemas, galleries, festivals, outdoors and through several international dvd releases, including 242.pilots live in Bruxelles on New York label Carpark and Cityscapes on Paris-label Lowave. He was a member of the video-impro trio 242.pilots, and was also the visual motor of dance company kreutzerkompani. Gilje initiated the project "Conversations with spaces" (while working as a research fellow at Kunstakademiet in Bergen 2006-9) where he explores how audiovisual technology can be used to transform, create, expand, amplify and interpret physical spaces. Born 1969 in Kongsberg. Educated at Kunstakademiet in Trondheim 95-99. 

Hc Gilje's recent work 'Blink' was part of the 'Trust' exhibition, ISEA 2010, Dortmund.

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Praktische Info

Call for participation deadline
March 20th

Workshop / Production Lab
April 9-15th

April 16-17th

Workshop Fee
50 EUR
(weekend lunches + drinks included)

The masterclass is in English!

30, Quai des Charbonnages/Koolmijnenkaai
1080 Brussels

Full info here

Media Galerij

Header picture & media gallery by HC Gilje