Projection on forms and spaces

9 april - 15 april 2011
Projection on forms and spaces

About VPT

Video Projection Tool (VPT) 5.1

VPT is a free, multipurpose, realtime projection software tool for Mac and Windows developed by HC Gilje. Among other things it can be used for projecting video on complex forms, adapt a projection to a particular space/surface, combine recorded and live footage, or for multiscreen HD playback.

VPT is used for installations, performances, AV concerts, theatre projection settings,...

VPT allows you to mix and display various sources into up to 16 layers. Each layer can be scaled/warped/masked/positioned on the output screen to fit the surface you want to project on.

The result can be controlled via OSC, MIDI, as well as serial communication with a microcontroller like the Arduino, making it possible to do complex scripting, use gesture tracking (via OpenCV), sensors (via Arduino), sound analysis, etc...

VPT also features a powerful built-in preset and cuelist system.



Image sources

  • 8 Quicktime movies
  • 2 live video (camera, digitiser, ...)
  • 1 solid colour source & 1 noise source
  • 1 text source (typed live, text file or through OSC)
  • 1 buffer + 1 recorded live capture (based on live video source)
  • 1 Syphon source (Snow Leopard only)

Mixing & effects

  • Mixers allow you to mix 2 sources together using different mix mode
  • You can apply effects on your sources with shader-based FX chains
  • All the 16 layers are stacked on top of each others and can thus be mixed together using blending modes and masks

Control inputs

  • Serial (Arduino)
  • MIDI
  • OSC (Max/MSP, PD, Processing, ...
  • VPT also includes so built-in controllers, like LFO modules


  • Video to one or multiple projectors (with a Matrox Dual or Triplehead2go)
  • OSC to communicate with other applications (on the same computer or on a local network)
  • Serial data to microcontrollers (for instance to control a projector shutter).
  • DMX (through OSC) to control lights
  • Sound from Quicktime sources routed to up to 8 sound channels


VPT features can also be extended. It comes with a few Max templates to create your own sources, effect chains or OSC controllers.


More info on VPT 5.1

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VPT tutorial videos by HC Gilje