CreativeFab 2017

30 september 2016 - 30 maart 2017
CreativeFab 2017

Haute École Francisco Ferrer

Workshop avec une dizaine d’étudiants en troisième année de la Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer venus les 20, 21, 27, 28 octobre 2016, supervisée par leur professeur Luc Petitot. A l’aide des imprimantes 3D, la découpeuse laser et la fraiseuse numérique les étudiants ont pu réaliser des projets dans le thème urbain tels que: une moto, une maison en 3D et un bateau avec l’imprimante 3D.

On te first day, I learnde how to use the machines. The most fascinating was the laser cutting machine so that is the one I worked with.

After learning few to use it, I started on my bike projects.

I chose a bike that I modelised as a "prototype". The goal was to try differents machines to get a 3D result. 

I've decided to go on with a project I was already working on before: Low poly models.  I chose a fox I modelised as a "experiment subject".  The goal here was to try out differents techniques available to get a 3D result. It would be a great way to make a summary of all the things we can do in the FabLab.

First, I chose to laser cut, a drawing which I had done again on Illustrator. I chose it because it was almost ready for the laser cutter. I wanted to see how the machine was going to work to engrave my drawing with contrasts between the foreground and the background.

Then I decided to print Pikachu. I wanted to begin with a small object and to see how is that is going to go. For this plan, I used 3D Ultimaker Original the printer which uses CURA software to define the model before impression.

Next I printed a car design. I wanted to see what printing this car look like on the IMAL machines. I therefore used Ultimaker Original 3D printer for which CURA software is necessary.

I chose to print another one of my drawings. I wanted to print that one because I loved it very much. And once again, I decided to make contrast effect for this impression.

Hi, I’m a student at Haute Ecole Fancisco Ferrer and here I’ll share my little fablab experience.

In the fablab we had multiple types of machines in our disposition but they all uses the g-code, so Cura software was basically all we needed to prepare our models. It was my first time doing a 3D print, I tried before but never really got a chance to print something. Thus, I wanted to do some testing by printing a very simple model at first. Also I focused on a filament printing machine. Sure, the laser and other complex printing methods are interesting and useful, but it’s not something that everyone can have at home and print what they want. The filament, on the other hand, is more common and view as the future of the technology that would be accessible to everyone. So I was curious to explore those machines for the little time that we had.

During these four days at the Fablab we got a chance to become familiar with different machines such as 3D printers, a laser and a milling machine. The tutor explained the use of each machine with a lot of examples.

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