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28 April 2010

iMAL invites 3 schools with a multimedia or digital art section to present some of their best projects. This first Special Students will features productions made at the Design & Media Academie (Genk), Ecole de Recherche Graphique (Brussels) and ESAPV (Mons). On the menu...

13 April 2010

Philippe Bekaert is professor at Expertise Center for Digital Media (Hasselt University) and has a long experience of collaboration with artists, especially Eric Joris from CREW. Since 2003, they are working together on the production of interactive augmented reality...

2 April 2010

Julien Maire revisits the public sessions of anatomic dissection from the 16st century with a performance where he will dismantle into its inner components a living camera.

13 March 2010

The 5th SHARE BRUssels will happen on Saturday afternoon, March 13. Come and play with us with sounds and images, or just come to enjoy the pleasure of music and visuals in an open jam.

5 March 2010

Mackern is preoccupied with interface-design, random processes, soundtoys, real-time-video-animations, net- and soundart.

19 February - 21 February 2010

The research project VIRAGE develops methods and sofware prototypes for cultural industries and for the arts, whether they are performing arts, visual arts or installations. The consortium is composed of art centers, universities and innovative companies from France and...

27 January 2010

Raul Aguaviva, Tim Knapen, Wendy Van Wynsberghe will present their creative machines and accessories. Made of old scanners or conductive textile and thread, their inventions show that they did not loose the taste of do-it-yourself acquired in their childhood.

16 December - 19 December 2009

After 2 residencies at iMAL, Tom Heene and his colleagues artists, developers and scientists show during 3 days the results of the project Dark Matter. The research project investigates the way data from the web and our physical world can be merged and presented in a total...

4 December 2009

iMAL is hosting this exceptional seminar organised by Council and with leading experts, decision makers, entrepreneurs, artists and designers such as Usman Haque, Nicolas Nova, Rafi Haladjian (Violet), Timo Arnall, Gérald Santucci (Head Unit RFID, EC), Christian...

25 November 2009

Cimatics and iMAL present LAND, a 3d steroscopic and HD performance by Ulf Langheinrich. LAND is an attempt at creating the illusive: the immersive and sublime feel of uncertainty through sound, matter, time and space.