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16 May 2012

Urban Smart Station is a participatory design project initiated by iMAL and CyCLO. It consists in the elaboration of a new kind of urban furniture prototype, integrating functions linked to bike mobility, digital mobility, information point and social meeting place....

4 April 2012

with projects by Aernoudt Jacobs, Unfold and Corneel Cannaerts.

28 March - 29 March 2012

bar.temp is a pop up bar that aims to link art, web culture and people. bar.temp will temporary take over the exhibition space of iMAL and transform it into a cosy place for eclectic and curious minds.

15 February 2012

Upon conclusion of her residency with Rudi Giot, Lucille Calmel, & MARC (Limsi-cnrs), Pascale Barret will present a new "work in progress" version of her project Beautiful Beasts initiated at iMAL during the Arts/Science research project VIRAGE.

9 February 2012

How can visual artists or journalists use the internet for developing, publishing, and selling their works? How can they adapt to the consequences of the digital and web revolution? How can they create their own network of 'cross-media' professionals to improve the...

18 January 2012

with projects by Aernoudt Jacobs, Duncan Speakman, Elise Elsacker and Yannick Bontinckx. 

14 December 2011

iMAL invites the artist collective "De Werktank" to talk about some of their projects. With: Wim Janssen, Ief Spincemaille et Kurt D'Haeseleer.

3 December 2011

With : Raphaël Bastide & Yannick Antoine, Michel Bauwens, Josephine Bosma, Heath Bunting, Paolo Cirio, Florian Cramer, Régine Debatty, Constant Dullaart, Jodi, Olia Lialina, Alessandro Ludovico, Nicolas Malevé, Miltos Manetas, Julian Oliver, Domenico Quaranta,...

2 November 2011

Maurice Benayoun has a long experience in arts/sciences collaborations, both as a “new” media artist since the 80s, as artistic director of CITU, and co-founder of the brand new H2H Lab. Maurice will share his vision of...

16 September - 18 September 2011

With: Peter Beyls, Prof. Marc Van Hulle (Mind Speller), Christophe De Boeck (Staalhemel), Thierry Castermans (...