Connecting Cities 2013 : Networked City

3 October - 4 October 2013
Connecting Cities 2013 : Networked City


A phone, a connection to the Internet and a dancing body are the main components of Dance.AR. This Augmented Reality Global Choreography is a collaborative dance show performed in real time by different people in different cities over the world, using their smartphones to co-ordinate their moves.

On the phone screen, an instruction indicates the virtual movements that the dancer must perform. The choreography consists of 33 movements, particular gestures which add to the collective movement, ensuring that all the people who are participating in the same session of Dance.AR, anywhere in the world, dance in a synchronized manner. The geographical coordinates of each dancer is available in the application and also on the website A map then shows the dimension of collective experience globally distributed and located.

How to Participate

1. Install the free app Junaio on your smartphone or tablet (iOS ou Android):
(of course, you can do that at home before coming to the esplanade)

2. Connect your smartphone or tablet to Internet (a free wifi is available on the place)

3. Launch Junaio et click on 'Search' with dance.AR as search field ; connect to the found channel 'Dance.AR Global Choreography' and follow the instructions.


Each day, 2 sessions of one hour each will be dedicated to Dance.AR. Come at 31 Rue Sainte-Marie, to move and dance along with the artist and the Dj and producer Nathan Oye.


17:00 - 18:00
21:30 - 22:30


18:30 - 19:30
21:30 - 22:30

About Sander Veenhof (NL)

Dutch new media artist Sander Veenhof works at the cross section of computer science and art, using his technical knowledge and intuition to explore the impact of emerging technologies on our radically changing reality and society. In search of new formats unique to our semi-digital world, his projects range from technically driven concept art to geo-based participative storytelling experiences. His recent works mostly exist in the augmented public ("AR") space worldwide, accessible through a smartphone.

To Veenhof, AR provides a perfect environment to work on projects in which virtual elements and physical components truly integrate and mutually empower each other, leading to a result that could not be possible otherwise. Veenhof is one of the founding members of Manifest.AR, a collective of artists creating their works in AR. Best known for their uninvited exhibition in the MoMA NY and Tate Modern. The group showcases the new opportunities for artists and audience in a world in which physical borders and limitations are no longer relevant.

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