Connecting Cities 2013 : Networked City

3 October - 4 October 2013
Connecting Cities 2013 : Networked City


The WeTube system is a unique, cooperative and inter-city, people powered search mechanism. It helps to discover surprising content from the infinitely deep pool of Youtube content not easily found by deliberate searching using regular, predictable keywords.

WeTube allows participants into a game of guessing and communicating with people in another city, triggers them to become creative and think of a spontaneous code language which develops from the things that they're expressing and seeing.

You are at Comte de Flandre / Graaf van Vlaanderen, in Brussels

Step into one of the 3 squares on the ground, in front of the large urban screen, and drop an object, mime an action, … anyone connected to can see you, and pick a keyword based on what’s in the square. The 3 keywords are then used for a YouTube search, and the result is played on the urban screen.

You are home, connected to the internet, or at our event, with your smartphone

Visit, and see what’s happening in the 3 squares in front of the urban screen. Tag the objects or actions taking place in each of the squares with a keyword. A YouTube video will be played on the screen, based on those 3 keywords.

About Sander Veenhof (NL)

Dutch new media artist Sander Veenhof works at the cross section of computer science and art, using his technical knowledge and intuition to explore the impact of emerging technologies on our radically changing reality and society. In search of new formats unique to our semi-digital world, his projects range from technically driven concept art to geo-based participative storytelling experiences. His recent works mostly exist in the augmented public ("AR") space worldwide, accessible through a smartphone.

To Veenhof, AR provides a perfect environment to work on projects in which virtual elements and physical components truly integrate and mutually empower each other, leading to a result that could not be possible otherwise. Veenhof is one of the founding members of Manifest.AR, a collective of artists creating their works in AR. Best known for their uninvited exhibition in the MoMA NY and Tate Modern. The group showcases the new opportunities for artists and audience in a world in which physical borders and limitations are no longer relevant.