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Media Facade Reloaded

28 september - 1 oktober 2011
Media Facade Reloaded

Design interactive projects for miniMAL

Voor Nuit Blanche en Todays Art Festival in Brussel nodigen we jullie uit om het roer over te nemen van miniMAL, onze low-res en lowtech mediafaçade. De workshop richt zich op het ontwerpen en ontwikkelen van interactieve projecten die gebruikmaken van diverse inputs (microfoon, webcam, sensoren, mobiele apparaten, webgegevens, ...) en die bij voorkeur de dialoog aangaan met voorbijgangers en de stedelijke context van iMAL.

This 4 days workshop will be dedicated to the design and development of interactive interfaces and softwares to drive the 18 LED spotlights behind iMAL's windows.

Design interaction through various inputs (microphone, webcam, sensors, mobile devices, web data,...) and create surprising visualisations on miniMAL that will be presented during Nuit Blanche and the Todays Art Festival in Brussels! Projects interacting with iMAL's urban context and passer-by's will be favoured.

Info & registration

The media facade workshop is targeted to artists, creative designers and developers working with Processing and if necessary Arduino. Basic knowledge of these software environments is required! However during the workshop you will be followed and supported by iMAL's team.

Read more about iMAL Media Façade!

Selected artists

Elise Elsacker (BE), Jan Vantomme (BE), jimmy hertz (FR), Matthieu Levet (BE), Niels Wouters (BE), Sergio S. Ferreira (PT), Yannick Antoine (BE).

Project presentation

Saturday 1st of October 11, 8pm-2am. Come and interact with the facade in front of iMAL!

Praktische Info

Workshop: Wedn 28.09 > Sat 01.10, 10:00-18:00

Presentation: Sat 01.10, 20:00-02:00

Language: This workshop is multinlingual (FR, NL, EN) but English will be the common language for group discussions.

Media Galerij

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Media Facade Reloaded is produced by iMAL.

Media Facade Reloaded is made possible thanks to the collaboration of our neighbours: Urban Platform and Rabbit.