14 november 2007

Performances and audiovisual installations by projectsinge and friends

5 november 2007

On THU 6 Nov, Christophe Bruno will open our new series of Arts/Sciences conferences.

30 oktober 2007

JazzMutant will open our first meeting with innovative companies proposing challenging technologies for creative people. In a one day workshop, participants will discover the LEMUR multitouch interface.

17 oktober 2007

Gallery LJU COSINUS BRX, FoAM and iMAL propose this lecture by Marko Peljhan: The Third Culture: A Vision For A Science/Art/Technology Conversion Dialectic.

10 oktober - 13 oktober 2007

The purpose of this workshop is to stimulate new ways of working collaboratively and in performance with open source materials.

3 oktober - 6 oktober 2007

For the opening of iMAL new venue, the inaugural exhibition "Hybrid World" explores the merge between the Internet and the physical world. It is enriched with a programme of concerts and performances.

8 juli - 29 augustus 2007

Real Time Video - Movements Analysis - Real Time 3D - Code Art - Physical Computing - Collaborative Web (MAX/MSP/Jitter - softVNS - processing - openGL - SPIP - PHP/MySQL - Arduino)

30 november - 4 december 2006

iMAL stelt ART+GAME voor, een verkenning van de relatie tussen Kunst en Videospellen met een tentoonstelling van internationaal bekende kunstenaars, performances en concerten, lezingen en debatten, projecties van documentaire films en van Machinima.

26 november - 30 november 2006

A workshop about artistic usage of 3d game engines directed by Julian Oliver

3 juli - 23 augustus 2006

Vidéo Temps Réel - Analyse de mouvements - 3D temps Réel - Art du Code - Physical Computing - Web Collaboratif (MAX/MSP/Jitter - softVNS - processing - openGL - SPIP - PHP/MySQL)