Connecting Cities Urban Media Lab

Connecting Cities Urban Media Lab

Urban Media Lab Masterclass results

'Oscillating Cities' performed by the FM Orchestra. Chris Wood will construct a dynamic sound environment built from local radio, field recordings and internet radio from distant locations retransmitted over FM. The square at Comte de Flandres will be re-imagined as a dense sonic space, rich with hidden signals made audible by multiple radio receivers.

This project aims to explore a new way to present historical content for mobile users. The "Grand-Place" is a UNESCO´s World Heritage site, but also it is a stage for several historical and contemporary events. With Augmented Reality tool, it is possible to access those events and information in a different way, using just your mobile phone (with junaio app) to enter in this world, and find out more about why the Grand Place is a fascinating and important part of Brussels.
You can already already download the Junaio app on your device: click here!

What if a tree takes your bad memories away and grows good memories for you?L’arbre à mémoire is a participatory urban intervention on a public artwork L’arbre à palabra, which invites people to rituals of throwing bad memories and grow good ones. 

Home Sweet Home is the second event of HOME network, a portable, netless Wi-Fi network, carried by the artists within the urban environment. During the event, the network will be transmitting its signal from Place Sainte Catherine. Search for the Home_Sweet_Home Wi-Fi network, connect with your devices and interact!

(The netless Wi-Fi network used a TP-Link TL-MR3020 device with OpenWRT embedded linux)

SuperForager is the belt that rumbles your tummy directing you to wild food you can forage nearby. It is  is an art project, integrated foraging alert and navigation system, designed to encourage foraging in urban areas, featuring wearable’s that alert and direct users of potential foraging sites. The system will incorporate a mobile app, a wearable device and a web program to host foraging data.

You can find additional information about the projects on our wiki: