Tangible Feelings

15 september - 17 september 2011
Tangible Feelings

EEG (en biofeedback) voor de kunsten: Symposium

Vrijdag 16 september 2011 - 10:00-17:00

This one-day symposium gathers artists, scientists and academics to discuss the use of EEG and biofeedback in the field of Art. Through this exchange around artistic intentions and technology, we hope to shed light on the possibilities and illusions emerging from our brain waves.


10:00 Welcome speach
10:15 Peter Beyls: Human-machine Interaction in Mutual Understanding 
10:45 Professor Marc Van Hulle: The Mind Speller project

11:15 Coffee break--------

11:30 Luciana Haill (IBVA)
12:00 Christophe De Boeck: Staalhemel

12:30 Lunch break --------

14:00 Thierry Castermans: Detecting biosignals with the Emotiv EPOC headset : a review
14:30 Mattia Casalegno & Enzo Varriale: Unstable Empathy
15:00 Alexis Chazard: Post traumatic voyager

15:30 Coffee break--------

15:45 Kiel Long: The static organ
16:15 Valery Vermeulen: Montage Cinema Revived by the EMO-Synth

17:00 Drink!

Meer over de sprekers en kunstenaars...


Inschrijvingen voor het symposium zijn gesloten wegens ruimte beperking.

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