Kinetic Pavilion

17 January - 9 February 2012
Kinetic Pavilion

Interactive architecture by Elise Elsacker and Yannick Bontinckx

Smart architecture is the future. This is what demonstrate Elise Elsacker and Yannick Bontinckx with their Kinetic Pavilion, a structure that can react to wheater conditions, human movements, social media and certainly much more.

In a few month time, these two students of Sint-Lucas Architectuur have developed an open source scall model made of 46 mdf sheets 60x30cm, 28 servomotors, 160 metal sticks, 28 bolts and screws, 1 Arduino Duemilanove, 1 Arduino Mega, 1 recycled computer power supply, 75g wood glue, many cables,...

The final model interacts with Ecotect (environmental software), Processing, iPad/iPhone, webcams, Kinect,... But as it is an open source project and that they use open udp protocol, it is possible to join the project and develop other applications using any other software (eg. Autocad, Flash Actionscript, Excel, VVVV, Max/msp, Processing, Puredata, openFrameworks, even Photoshop and images, … ).

During its exhibition at iMAL, you will have the opportunity to test and play with the Kinetic Pavilion, exploring its potential for the future.

Practical Info

Open Wednesday-Friday, 12:30-18:00
+ Wedn 18.01, 20:00-23:00 during Dorkbot BRU!
+ on appointment

Free entrance

Location: iMAL

Media Gallery

Photos et vidéo par Elise Elsacker et Yannick Bontinckx.