Stock Overflow

12 March - 29 March 2009
Stock Overflow

Lectures and exhibition by RYBN

An operation proposed by RYBN to recontextualize the crisis, its mediatic and politic strategies, on the topics of disaster, structural instability and financial markets mythologies.

Antidatamining is a series of visualizations of financial data extracted from the web. Economy is represented by its main agents - companies, groups and holdings, stock exchanges, banks and investment funds - and their interactions : capital relationships, geographic deployments, structuralization on market places. Beyond the current crisis, its mediatic and polictic levers, Antidatamining is a permanent monitoring device, which aims to highlight the structure of the contemporary economy, seen as a complex dynamic system.

4 evenings of lectures with Geert Lovink (net activist and theoretician), Florian Schneider (writer, filmmaker, net activist), Brian Holmes (art critic), Late S. Horace Lawson-Hetchely (information systems consulting), Société Réaliste (artists), Bertrand Charles (journalist specialized in economic intelligence).


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